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The wood number two pencil is round and printed with the Golder logo.
$ 0.49
• 25 sheets per pad• Made with paper stock containing 30% post-consumer recycled fiber.Printed with the Golder logo
$ 0.75
InkJoy revolutionizes the writing experience by combining the best qualities of ballpoint and gel pen technologies. InkJoy offers vivid colors, incredible smoothness and a fast dry-time to help avoid messy smearing. A wide variety of colors give you maximum flexibility.All pen colours contain black ink.Printed with the Golder logo.
$ 0.90
• Provides privacy and security for mobile devices• Ultra-thin to fit most closed laptops and tablets• Adhesive backing• ABS plasticGolder logo printed in white
$ 0.92
• Spring-Loaded Hinge• Top Rubber Grip• Large Imprint Area• Magnet On Back SidePrinted with Golder logo in Black
$ 1.30
A fitting promotional item for optometry-related businesses. Kit includes: 1 screwdriver, 4 screws of various sizes, 1 nose pad and 2 rubber washers. Dimensions: 0.472" Diameter x 3.265" HGolder logo printed in black.
$ 1.54
The Round Pocket Tap Measure Keychain is made of plastic with the flexible tape that can be controlled by pushing the button in the center. Tape length: 60in (150cm) -- Displays in inches and centimeters on two sides.Printed with the Golder Logo
$ 1.61
Reflective slap band printed with Golder logo in black repeated.300mm x 30mm
$ 1.63
• Bright color helps you find your luggage• Features a built-in strap• Includes ID card• Accommodates a standard size business cardPrinted with Golder logo in black
$ 1.65
Wipe the competition clean! Our 4" x 7" microfiber cloth is the perfect solution for cleaning off dirt and smudges from any LCD screen. Use it on sunglasses, camera lenses, computers, and more. Constructed out of soft microfiber, it's just right for cleaning sensitive surfaces without leaving any scratches.Printed with the Golder logo
$ 1.72
• Constructed of sturdy plastic for all weather conditions• Heavy-duty scraping blade with special grip handle prevents slipping when in use• Easily stores in car glove compartments, side pockets and under the seatImprinted with the Golder logo
$ 1.83
• 30 ml pump spray lens cleaner• 5" x 5" microfiber lens cloth included• Active Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol - 15%• Inactive Ingredients: Pure water, Sodium dodecyl, KathonGolder logo printed in Black
$ 1.83
• Metal tape with silver / frost trimColour: BlackGolder logo printed in white
$ 1.86
• Offers a secure grip so you can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops• Functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly• Repositionable and sticks to most devices and cases (but may not stick to silicone or waterproof cases)Printed with the Golder logo.
$ 2.10
• Quality formula includes bees wax, shea butter and essential oil ingredients• 0.25 oz of vanilla flavor• FDA-approved• Compact ABS plastic twist-open cube casingGolder logo printed in White
$ 2.12
A year round top seller! Mini tube wet tissues come with a full color wrap around label, white cap & beaded ball chain. Great for travel, the car, golf course and more. There are 30 soft hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial cloth wipes in an alcohol free all-purpose formula in a re-sealable pop-up dispenser.Golder logo printed in full colour
$ 2.13
Always have your card handy and never lose it again with our Smart Phone Wallet. It is constructed out of silicone with a 3M adhesive backing to securely hold 2 to 3 of your cards. Sticks to both phones and cases and fits most flat backed smart phone. Perfect for work, a night on the town, or sporting events, when all you need is a driver's...
$ 2.31
This refillable 8 ml pen dispenses hand cleanser in a gel form, giving it a significantly lower evaporation rate and a longer shelf life. Refreshes hands without leaving a sticky residue.Printed with the Golder logo.New stock arriving June 1, 2020
$ 2.45
•  10-3 1/4" tees & 1 ball marker & 1 divot tool•  Packaged in ziplock bags• Tee colours: whiteGolder logo in full colour on Divot Tool & MarkerGolder logo in Green on Tees
$ 2.47
Dimensions: 14.75” W x 17” H • Non woven 90 gram polypropylene • Double cords act as drawstring closure as well as straps for knapsack• Reinforced bottom corners with metal grommets • Unique cords/straps allow you to choose which side is the front and back Printed with the Golder logo.
$ 2.66
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